Cabin in the Woods-A Very Quick Review


I felt it over simplified the horror genre much like Scream did. It’s a satire of a tiny portion of horror but tries too hard to pack those things that don’t fit into their narrow view of the genre. And even if it’s a satire, it’s a satire of horror and nothing more. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead and much of the work of Bentley Little are horror stories that work as satires of something else, usually social issues. Romero and Little are miles above what the markers of this film are even trying to reach. Therefore, Cabin in the Woods’ satire is superficial and less interesting. And it comes off as more of a bullhorn than a whisper or even a shout as if it isn’t pushed into our face we won’t “get it”. Besides that, it never was scary (at times thrilling though) and its humor mostly didn’t produce any laughs from me. The stuff that worked was delivered by the stoner. Contrivances are expected in art. But here too many don’t make any sense considering the reveal at the end. Why do these people have to act like the stereotypes that they naturally don’t fit into? I know that they’re meant to die in a specific order. But how does their stereotypical behavior lead them to that end? The main strength of the film is that it has very likeable characters played by very likeable actors. And I believe that’s the main reason why I didn’t think it was boring.


2 thoughts on “Cabin in the Woods-A Very Quick Review

    • I mostly found it cute at best. I even have a hard time viewing it as a horror film. It mimics one more than actually seems to be one. Thanks for reading!

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