Godzilla 2014–movie review



This review is late on two different counts. Firstly, I have not written anything for this blog in a long time. Also, it’s a late review of the American version of Godzilla. I had planned on doing a review of this film long before its release. So, even though I’ve been busy with life I stuck with this plan.

I’m not going to go into too much detail about the plot. But, I’ll point out that this film is closer to one of the sequels from the original Japanese films than a true remake. It could be viewed as a sequel to an altered past for this character; or a reboot using a structure of a standard sequel where the Big G is a sort of hero battling a bigger menace than he is. And, this is one of the things that this film gets right. It really feels like a Godzilla film. I don’t believe that there’s a single scene or action in this film that wouldn’t be out of place in a Japanese Godzilla film. It has that going for it.

Before I saw the film I heard a friend complain about how long it takes for Godzilla to make an appearance. A wait like this is not uncommon in any of the Japanese films. I had no problem with the wait. But, this introduction leads to the first of two battles Big G has with the Muto; a battle we only get a glimpse of on a live TV report. Even though I didn’t mind the wait, I ended up feeling cheated of some great kaiju action. In fact, we all did. We see a lot of the Muto, which is great. But, it was time for something big to happen with the title character and all we get is a tease. Oh come on!


Thankfully, the second battle was what I really wanted, even though it was a bit too dark.

I think director, Gareth Edwards has successful moved up from his small low-budgeted kaiju flick, Monsters to this big epic kaiju flick. But, the biggest problem that it has is that the film seems bigger than the main attraction, Godzilla himself! I’m not saying that whole scenes should’ve been cut from the film; I’m saying that most of the scenes could have used some trimming. This has a steady pace and does not really seem to be slow moving. But, this is a big style B movie that runs two hours long. A little tightening up would’ve have helped, big time.

I went to see this film two times. I actually felt that I would liked it better the second time since I didn’t have to worry about my expectations. I was wrong. All the problems I had with it in the first viewing stayed with me and seemed to be amplified. In the end, I think I’ll stick with Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim.

Film rating: 2 out of 5 stars


4 thoughts on “Godzilla 2014–movie review

    • Firstly, thanks!

      There have been films I’ve seen that did seem better on a second viewing. Maybe still not great or even good, but at least better. I really did want to like this film, so I gave it another shot. This time it didn’t work out. It happens.

  1. Good review Charles. I just hope if there is a sequel that we can skip all the slow buildup and just get to the main event – Godzilla beating the crap out of some other lesser yet still giant monster.

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