We at the Fright Meter Awards are looking to recruit more committee members.

The Fright Meter Awards is an annual event that honors the best in horror cinema. Best Picture, directing, writing, acting are a few of the categories given each year. Short horror films have started being honored last year. And, it looks like horror themed television will be included this award season. Tom Savini was our first inductee to the Fright Meter’s Hall of Fame last year.


It is true that we at the Fright Meter Award have bloggers, reviewers, and filmmakers in our ranks; but, we also have and want those who are just horror film aficionados, mavens and admirers. All it really takes to be a part of the committee is a love of the genre and to watch a lot of horror throughout the year. And, a willingness to vote at the end of the year would be nice as well.

As would be expected, the Fright Meter Awards is heavily into social media. We have a closed discussion group on Facebook. There’s also a Facebook page and Youtube & Twitter accounts, both are linked below along with the website.

For those interested in joining us on our mad crusade to honor the best horror flicks of the year you can contact us through the Facebook page; or, contact directly by emailing our leader Troy at

Thank you and I look forward to seeing more of you on board!!!


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