Quick Thoughts on Bad Movies


Annabelle: Here’s a movie that was clearly a rush job. It came out as dull and uninspired. The leads are very good at what they were given. They just need a better movie to prove themselves in. I really wanted to walk out.
Film Rating: Half a star out of 5 stars


Leprechaun Origins: This is a lot like what I thought the original film was supposed to be like. Sadly, it still sucks just as much as any other Leprechaun movie, just in a different way.
Film Rating: Half a star out of 5 stars


LUCY: Make sure you leave your brain at the box office and do your best to like this film. Robot Monster is a much more intelligent science fiction film than this one.

This movie made my brain hurt.

I may have over-reached with the Robot Monster comment though. As a kid it was the very first film that I can remember disliking. But I think that was mainly because I felt it was boring. Lucy wasn’t boring it was just plain stupid. It started off great though. But that didn’t last.
Film Rating: one out of 5 stars


Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones: I’ve never really been much of a fan of the found footage style of movie-making. I do have a few favorites that fall into this category though. The first and second in this series do qualify. This new one doesn’t. What it does fall into is the type of movie that I feel would’ve been better as a regular film. There’s a longer list of found footage movies that I feel would’ve come out better as straight films. I mostly found this, and many others, annoying. This is the last within this series that I will even bother with.

Film Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

–Charles T. Cochran


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