A Blog that Facebook Views As Dangerous?



About two hours ago fellow blogger Kweeny Todd announced that Facebook decided to block any link to her blog’s page. No matter what she tried she had no luck in successfully sharing a link. I even tried to do it and, that’s right, no luck on my part. Even fans and friends are prohibited from sharing a link.

I find this rather scary. I mean, let’s get real here! Kweeny does nothing more than write about her love of all things horror. Much like many of us. Like me! Who will be next? You, me, Your mother?

Is it her subject matter they don’t like?

When I tried to share it myself a message popped up that stated the site I was linking to was ‘unsafe’. What does that mean? My visus protection doesn’t think it’s ‘unsafe’. Could it actually be the subject of Horror that they have an issue with?

Whatever the unknown reason is I decided to share her blog and other links that lead to all things Kweeny Todd here. It pisses me off when someone tries to silence me. And, if I want to share something and someone blocks my attempt to do so, I find a way to share it louder!

So check out Kweeny below:





Feel free to share my blog posting for Kweeny and for us all that simply want our voices heard.–Charles T. Cochran