My Top 5 2015 Horror Flicks


Here’s just a quick look at my top favorites in Horror Cinema for 2015. In my opinion it wasn’t a great year for Horror. There’s some outstands films, but not much more than small handful of them. And, it should be noted that I was not able to see every film in release.–Charles T. Cochran

1. Goodnight Mommy


2. Bone Tomahawk


3. What We Do in the Shadows


4. We Are Still Here


5. Crimson Peak



It Follows, Spring, and We Are Still Here Lead the 2015 Fright Meter Awards Nominations




It Follows, Spring, and We Are Still Here Lead the 2015 Fright Meter Awards Nominations

(January 2nd, 2016) The 2015 Fright Meter Award nominations have been revealed and It Follows, Spring, and We Are Still Here lead the 2015 nominations with seven each, including Best Director and Best Actress.

The Fright Meter Awards have been presented annually since 2007 by the Fright Meter Awards Committee, a registered non profit organization dedicated solely to honoring the best in horror each year. Nominees and winners are determined by the committee, which consists of horror bloggers, actors, directors, producers, and others involved in the industry.

Without further ado, the 2015 Fright Meter Award nominations:

Best Horror Movie
The Final Girls
Goodnight Mommy
It Follows
What We Do In The Shadows

Best Director
Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead (Spring)
Guillermo del Toro (Crimson Peak)
Severin Fiala & Veronika Franz (Goodnight Mommy)
Ted Geoghegan (We Are Still Here)
David Robert Mitchell (It Follows)

Best Actor In A Leading Role
Mark Duplass (Creep)
Lou Taylor Pucci (Spring)
Ryan Reynolds (The Voices)
Kurt Russell (Bone Tomahawk)
Taika Waititi (What We Do In The Shadows)

Best Actress In A Leading Role
Barbara Crampton (We Are Still Here)
Taissa Farmiga (The Final Girls)
Nadia Hilker (Spring)
Maika Monroe (It Follows)
Lin Shaye (Insidious: Chapter 3)

Best Actor In A Supporting Role
Larry Fessenden (We Are Still Here)
Matthew Fox (Bone Tomahawk)
Richard Jenkins (Bone Tomahawk)
Leigh Whannell (Cooties)
Rainn Wilson (Cooties)

Best Actress In A Supporting Role
Malin Akerman (The Final Girls)
Jessica Chastain (Crimson Peak)
Deanna Dunagan (The Visit)
Lisa Marie (We Are Still Here)
Sierra McCormick (Some Kind Of Hate)

Best Screenplay
Bone Tomahawk
The Final Girls
It Follows
What We Do In The Shadows

Best Makeup
Bone Tomahawk
Crimson Peak
We Are Still Here

Best Special Effects
Crimson Peak
Insidious: Chapter 3

Best Score
Crimson Peak
The Editor
The Final Girls
It Follows

Best Editing
The Final Girls
It Follows
We Are Still Here

Best Cinematography
Bone Tomahawk
Crimson Peak
It Follows
We Are Still Here

Best Short Horror Film
Chomp (Directed by: Lynne Hansen)
The Confession Of Fred Krueger (Directed by: Nathan Thomas Milliner)
The Package (Directed by: Damon Rickard)
Ronald McDonald Playground Slaughter (Nominees to be determined)
Selfie From Hell (Directed by: Erdal Ceylan)

For more information about the Fright Meter Awards, visit or find the awards on Facebook: or Twitter: @Frightmeter.