Thoughts: The Walking Dead 2nd Half of the 4th Season



I’m not sure if has anything to do with the group having to leave the prison, but the show is actually flirting with good writing.

There’s almost an anthology show feel to the episodes since the group have been scattered in different directions. This past Sunday’s episode (03/16/2014) is a good example.

The writers have finally written a personality for Daryl Dixon. It’s about time.

It’s good to see Carol return. She’s a good character and Melissa McBride is a pretty lady.


Before, the show was obsessed with crowds of the dead being shot or, mostly, stabbed in the head one by one with CGI blood going in all directions. These action scenes unburdened the writers from having to fill the episodes with story. Now, there are less of these boring set-ups.

Next, they need to handle the problem with Rick. He has to go. Please!!!