Check out this Short Horror Flick from a 15 Year Old


I’m rather impressed by this short effort by 15 year old, Wynter Rhys. From the photography, editting, and, especially, the sound design, this film gets the job done. Very creepy!!!


A Visit to the Flint Horror Convention



On Saturday October 19th, this month, I trekked up to Flint Michigan to join in the festivities at the Flint Horror Convention. The ride from my home in Wixom, MI was rainy, but no downpour was waiting for me at the location, Flint’s Masonic Temple. This old building was a was fine attraction itself. I can only imagine this place saw the turn of the previous century not just the current one. Another thing that struck me right away was FREE PARKING! There was a large parking lot near the rear of the building that had neither meters nor an attendant in a tiny box bullying you for money on your way out. This is a big plus for me. Nowhere in the Metro Detroit area do you see that type of thing.

Flint Horror Convention ( is a one day event with three floors of stuff going on. The first housed vendors and the celebrities. I spoke to the lovely Debbie Rochon, who was oddly standing at her table alone. Beautiful women standing alone is a no-no in my book; so, I just needed to spend some time with the actress of such films as Theatre Bizarre and Tromeo & Juliet. She’s a genuine and very nice person.

I also finally met up with author, Rue Morgue columnist, and internet-buddy Paul Counelis, along with some of his brood. He had a table of his own with all his books and some used DVDs he was getting rid of due to his upgrading to blu ray. I bought Ernest Scared Stupid and Exorcist III for two bucks each. I also snagged me a copy of the current issue of his Halloween Machine mag. Good reading!


On another floor there was nearly an equal amount of vendors selling their wares. This is where I met Mike C. Hartman of Detroit’s answer to Troma Silver Bullet Pictures. He’s a very nice fellow. One of my friends (and star of my short film Georgia Shock) appeared in the company’s previous flick Heavy Mental, which was picked up by Troma for distribution. I picked up his latest effort Blood Orgy at Beaver Lake.

On the York floor the film fest was held. I was able to watch three short flicks and about an hour of the documentary Screamer, which shows the behind the scenes workings of haunted attractions. Two of the shorts I viewed were boring torture flicks, I’m afraid. But the third one was a very well-produced zombie movie, The Last Broadcast: Pandora’s Dawn. Even though I’m rather sick of zombies right now, I was very impressed with the acting and use of practical effects. Very well done!

I really wanted to stay and watch the rest of Screamer, but I also wanted to see the kid’s costume contest. And just as expected it was a highlight of the day. I would’ve loved to see the other events planned, but I really needed to leave early.

So, after saying good bye to Mr. Counelis, I went to my last stop of the con: a visit with John Amplas, actor and title character of George Romero’s best film, Martin. Here’s one of the nicest guests of cons I’ve come across. I ended up with a great signed pic from that film and then I was on my way home!

Chances are I’ll be checking this event out next year as well!–Charles T. Cochran