The Caller (2011)–review


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Rachelle Lefevre (Twilight) is Mary, a recent divorcee who has just moved into a new apartment. She also has a stalker problem. Her abusive ex-husband doesn’t acknowledge that there’s a restraining order issued against him, and Mary is also getting unwanted phone calls that are from a woman named Rose, calling from 1979.

Rose’s boyfriend once lived in Mary’s new apartment, and the old rotary phone that came with the place somehow works as a connection to its past. At first the calls just get on Mary’s nerves, but after some bonding regarding the respective ladies’ troubles with the men he their lives, Mary says something that she lives to regret. Rose takes it to heart, though, and after there’s a disturbing change to the apartment both ladies realize that whatever Rose does in the past can change the future. Shocked by this new turn of events, Mary unplugs the phone to block out Rose’s daily calls. This doesn’t sit well with Rose. When Mary finally plugs the phone back in-she can’t get a signal on her cell phone-she finds that Rose has discovered Mary as a child. Now the threats begin. And they turn deadly.


Even though, at times, what Rose does can be predictable that’s really not what makes this film thrilling and terrifying. It’s the question, “How can one battle a monster from roughly thirty years distance?.” Screenwriter, Sergio Casci has not only presented this interesting premise, he’s created believable and likable characters. Lefervre, True Blood’s Stephen Moyer, Luis Guzman (Boogie Nights) and the rest of the cast breathe life into their roles. They all seem like real people. Even Rose, who we barely get to see, comes to life when played by Lorna Raver (Sylvia Ganush herself from Drag Me to Hell). She’s even scarier here than in Raimi’s film, and let’s not forget the director, Matthew Parkhill. He handles the film with a sure hand and he never falters. I believe he’s a talent worth watching out for.

This thrill ride of a film had me sitting on the edge of my seat ‘til ending. An ending that is both triumphant and tragic.–Charles T. Cochran

Rating: 4 out of 5


2015: Films of Interest


I’ve been really enjoying the REC film series from Spain and this fourth installment looks to be just as good as the previous flicks.

I’ve been hoping that Guillermo del Toro would get back to something on the level of Cronos, The Devil’s Backbone, and, the more popular, Pan’s Labyrinth for a while now. This film seems to be promising in that regard.
Crimson Peak

After being disappointed by District 9 director, Neill Blomkamp, with his film Elysium, I was really hoping he would get back on track. Based on this trailer, he may be getting there.

Everytime I think I’m getting sick of superhero films something like this film comes along.

I’ve been hearing some buzz about this flick for a bit now. Even as a teenager, I wasn’t much of a “teen Horror” fan. But, there’s times it can be done right. I’m sensing it here.
It Follows

–Charles T. Cochran

2014 Best Horror Films


These are what I feel are the best in horror cinema released this year, 2014. Like last year I’m being lazy and only presenting this list in pictures.

10. Dead Snow 2: Red Vs. Dead


9. The Town that Dreaded Sundown


8. Exists


7. The Hunted


6. Found


5. The Den


4. The Taking of Deborah Logan


3. Oculus


2. Cheap Thrills


1. The Babadook


Honorable Mention (in order):Mockingbird, The Seasoning House, The Dead 2: India, Mr. Jones, In fear, The Returned, Deliver Us From Evil, Dracula Untold, Jinn, Late Phases

–Charles T. Cochran




We at the Fright Meter Awards are looking to recruit more committee members.

The Fright Meter Awards is an annual event that honors the best in horror cinema. Best Picture, directing, writing, acting are a few of the categories given each year. Short horror films have started being honored last year. And, it looks like horror themed television will be included this award season. Tom Savini was our first inductee to the Fright Meter’s Hall of Fame last year.


It is true that we at the Fright Meter Award have bloggers, reviewers, and filmmakers in our ranks; but, we also have and want those who are just horror film aficionados, mavens and admirers. All it really takes to be a part of the committee is a love of the genre and to watch a lot of horror throughout the year. And, a willingness to vote at the end of the year would be nice as well.

As would be expected, the Fright Meter Awards is heavily into social media. We have a closed discussion group on Facebook. There’s also a Facebook page and Youtube & Twitter accounts, both are linked below along with the website.

For those interested in joining us on our mad crusade to honor the best horror flicks of the year you can contact us through the Facebook page; or, contact directly by emailing our leader Troy at

Thank you and I look forward to seeing more of you on board!!!

Fright Meter Awards



Last year I became involved in a group that gives awards to the best in horror films within that year. This year spans from 12/2012 until 11/2013.

Some news has come down from the big guy behind this whole enterprise, Troy Escamilla, which I’d like to share with you. In doing so my aim is to drum up some interest and support for the Fright Meter Awards.

From Troy: “The awards will be presented at Pensacon in Pensacola, FL on February 22nd 2014. They are giving an hour of programming time that evening right before their big costume event to present. While an hour may not seem like a terrible (amount) of time, it may definitely work as an advantage since it is our first year.

Tom Savini will be given the Lifetime Achievement Award. He is scheduled to be in attendance!”

We also are interested in the committee growing “with passionate horror fans, bloggers, actors, writers, etc. That will bring more respect and prestige in terms of how the awards are viewed.”

For those of you who are interested you can either contact me here or go to the Fright Meter website to contact the awards directly. Thanks for your interest.—Charles T. Cochran


Fright Meter Website

Pensacon Facebook Page

Contact Page for Fright Meter Website